Friday, January 30, 2015

“The Homesteader’s Sweetheart” by Lacy Williams

About the Book
the homesteaders sweetheartTo escape a dreaded arranged marriage, Penny Castlerock will face anything--even life on her grandfather's farm. But it isn't the rustic lifestyle that's got the Philadelphia socialite tied in knots. It's the handsome homesteader and his eight adopted children next door....

With seven boys and a girl to raise, transplanted farmer Jonas White could sure use some help. He just didn't expect it to come from the high-spirited, copper-haired beauty he's always admired from afar. But surely working the land is no life for a woman like Penny. Yet a threat to Jonas's farm just might show him how perfect Penny is for him after all.

This book was released in May 2012
This is a well loved library book that was used for the review

My Review

“The Homesteader's Sweetheart” by Lacy Williams is the first book in her 'Wyoming Legacy' and a book that I have enjoyed greatly even this second time around. I am re-reading the first three books of the 'Wyoming Legacy' series due to the fact that some how, some way I missed the latest two books (“The Wrangler's Inconvenient Wife” an “A Cowboy for Christmas”) in the series. So since I would be reviewing those books, I thought I would just go ahead and review the whole series. Truly this is a series that is something that is enjoyable and pleasant to read at night when things have been busy, for this is a series that is sweet and tender with just enough emotional heartache to touch this reader's heart.

Here is a story of hurt and trying to figure things out while getting people to hear them. The hurt was heartbreaking for I have never understood, regardless the time period or age, of how anyone could do things like what has happened in this story to the White family. The White family is a family that I just fell for, after all that this family has gone through, the way they got over it all was just inspiring. Things are tough for the White family but it seems that didn't matter to them for they had each other. 

Penny is a woman who is a bit different than who she is expected to be, and that makes her a true hero for she is trying to be what others want her to be yet is trying to be true to herself, at least once she figures that out. Oh yeah, she has some things to figure out, but that doesn't stop her from trying new things, until she figures out exactly what she is wanting. There is this strength in Penny that is shown time and time again throughout the story and it is amazing to see this strength from someone like Penny. 

Jonas is a man who has done something that most people wouldn't think about doing on his own, but he has his reasons. It is truly amazing how things for him have worked out over the years as he worked hard to get to the point where he was for this story. I have to say that regardless of his flaw, which I understand the reason for this flaw, that this man is someone to admired for he is tender and doesn't go looking for accolades for himself. 

Truly here is a story that begins an interesting series of a family that is bound together by love and so much more. There is self discovery that is made by numerous characters or at least the beginnings of self discovery that I know is in at least one other book for certain that I can remember from the other two books I have read in the series. I might be forgetting a hint or two, but that will make that discovery in future books just that much better. 

Then there is the courage that is displayed throughout the book for things are not smooth and challenges are overcome time and time again. It how each person faced those challenges that made this story so enjoyable. Nothing too serious but there are twists and turns that keeps the reader interested in the story while making it a pleasure to read. 

I hope that all who read this book and series enjoys it as much as I do and did.