Friday, September 18, 2015

Finding His Way Home by Mia Ross

To be honest I thought I had posted my review of this book when I read it over the summer time but apparently with all the summer activities it slipped my mind so I am posting it now.

About the Book

Repairing His Heart 

Prodigal son Scott Barrett is back home in Barrett's Mill—with plans to atone for his past mistakes and restore his future. But the quiet Virginia village feels like a different place since his return. The old cottage and chapel are crying out for repair—much like Scott himself. Luckily, sensitive artist Jenna Reed offers to help. Jenna sees Scott without judgment—though she reveals little about her own troubled past. As they work together to renovate the chapel, Scott begins to earn her trust, and soon he's envisioning life with the beautiful Jenna. Can the love of a good woman finally make him whole? 

Barrett's Mill: In the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, a family legacy leads to love


This was a well loved library book that was reviewed

My Review 

“Finding His Way Home” by Mia Ross is the third book in her 'Barrett's Mill' and I wonder if there will be another book in the series to come out later on for there seems to be a hint of it here especially towards the end. There are two characters who are introduced into the book that seem a little uncertain and for some reason I just get this feeling that they almost belong together. I would be interested to see if that is the case that is for sure.

Jenna is a woman we have seen in the prior books and get a sense that she is her own her person with an interesting life. I have to say that now we get to see how truly interesting Jenna is for the life she has lead has been interesting. This is a character who has her doubts but at the same time her outlook at life is bright, while she also has learned a few things that really help her along her path. Jenna is a woman who is willing to make her own judgments in regards to other people which makes her a very special person for she waits to make those judgments while keeping herself open completely to the other people around her.

Scott is a man who we have heard little about, but there was a reason why his story just wouldn't have been the same if it came from anyone else. I have to say that Scott, regardless of how he projects himself, is a pretty courageous character for he was pretty honest when asked about his problems in the past. He wasn't one to lie about it, while not exactly being completely upfront with people just for the sake of it. He understood some other people's reactions to him, but those reactions bothered him none-the-less. He learns several lessons throughout the story which helps him bring about to look at life differently.

This is a story of second chances, forgiveness and rethinking life plans. Really both Jenna and Scott get those second chances. Jenna may not realize that she is getting her second chance but I could see it. She was so certain about how her life was going to be all because of her past, but her second chance was still there for the taking if she was willing, which of course has her rethinking the plans she made for her life. Scott, now his second chances are really quite easy to see if he was only willing to open up to those around him and reach for them. Because of his past he was so certain how his life was going to go forward in a certain way but life often laughs at our plans.

The forgiveness is a subtle thing on how it was presented. One of the characters feels that they are in need of forgiveness from those around them, yet really it seems as if the forgiveness is needed only to be extended to themselves.
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