Saturday, September 19, 2015

Loving the Country Boy by Mia Ross

About the Book

A City Girl's Second Chance 

City girl Tess Barrett hopes her move to Barrett's Mill, Virginia, will give her a fresh start. As she gets to know the family she's never met and begins work at their sawmill, everything starts falling into place. Until she meets Heath Weatherby. After narrowly escaping an oil rig explosion, Heath won't waste his second chance at life. He's committed to starting a family—and he wants Tess for his wife. Tess refuses to give in to her feelings for Heath, convinced they're just too different. But when the rugged mechanic is hired to fix her family's mill, her heart begins to recognize the charming country boy as her one true love.

Barrett's Mill: In the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, a family legacy leads to love

This book released in August 2015
This was a well loved library book that was reviewed


My Review

“Loving the Country Boy” by Mia Ross is the latest book in her 'Barrett's Mill' series and frankly not entirely sure if it is the end of the series or not, but above all else it is a great stand alone book though it connects nicely with the other books in the series. I found this book to be so tender and perfect for a lazy day of reading.

There is just enough of a struggle in the story to keep a person interested in seeing how it is going to be resolved. I have to say that to this reader the struggle wasn't always in the forefront of the entire story, but yet it was there in small ways to remind the reader and the character that the struggle is still there but daily life is important. Also though it is really only one character struggling there is someone else who helps push the character outside of where they were that makes the struggling character stop and think about what they are doing.

Tess is a woman who is learning several things about her family while she is doing what she can to help out. Helping out when and where she can is something that she really enjoys doing which shows her some new things about herself. She has this spunk about her as well, something she learned from out west and funny enough things that she learned out west didn't always help her in the small town of Barrett's Mill. The spunk though helped her wade through some interesting lessons within her own family.

Heath is a man with a plan but learns to go with the flow. At times I thought, “Here is a hero that is a little perfect.” and then something happen that knocked him off that hero pedestal in one fell swoop in the perfect way, and in a way that hints about his past for some reason couldn't do it. There is something wholesome and down to earth about Heath but there is a little something else that makes him such a hero and I won't spoil that discovery for others so I will leave it there.

The story started out with Tess and Heath meeting in a different way, and frankly there wasn't much attraction between them for I got the impression that both of them were on completely different roads of life, but a friendship grew and then so much more. I never felt rushed in the slightest with the telling of the story for it seemed to move at such a smooth pace that everything seemed to happened as it would in real everyday life. Do I feel I am giving anything away, not really considering this is a romance book which means of course there is going to be a happy ending at the end of it all, the journey is getting there, and this is a lovely story of getting to the end.

I loved the struggles and especially the little bit of a surprise near the end of the book. I hope all who pick up this book will enjoy it as much as I did.

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