Monday, September 14, 2015

“Bachelor to the Rescue” by Lorraine Beatty

About the Book

Building a Romance

Young widow Lainie Hollings will do anything to protect her daughters—even if it means accepting help from Shaw McKinney. Though she blames Shaw for her husband's death, he's the only one she can turn to when a robbery forces her to take shelter in his home. Soon she's surprised by the handsome contractor. He's kind, charming and determined to protect her and her girls. Being with Lainie makes Shaw want to give up his bachelor life and become a family man. But he'll need to win over the pretty librarian and prove to her he's the right man for her future.


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This book was released in May 2015
This is a well loved library book that was reviewed

My Review 

“Bachelor to the Rescue” by Lorraine Beatty is the third book in her 'Home to Dover' series, but it is a perfect stand alone book. I remember reading the other 'Home to Dover' books but couldn't remember what the details were, but I never felt loss while reading this book, which is why I say it is a perfect stand alone book.

There is quite a few things that can be taken from this book. Anger is not something that can be lived with easily. Forgiveness heals so much. Clearing the air leads to a great deal of healing. How it easy it is to see something in other people but refuse to see something in themselves. Mostly though when all that has been done it is just laying everything in God's hands and see how things work out for worrying doesn't do a whole lot of good.

Lainie is a woman who is doing what she must do in order to take care of her little girls. When she is faced with something that really is pushing her out of her comfort level she faces it with a courage of a mother's heart. Her heart overall is warm and tender that is visible to all those who take a moment to get to know her. Lainie is facing an uphill battle but how she tries to climb that hill again shows her compassion and logic. She may blame someone for something in the past but she isn't too bitter that the air can't be cleared.

Shaw is a man who is a typical Alpha Male. He feels as if he has to take responsibility for those around him, be the guy who solves all the problems but he has a flaw. Ok sure this guy can be stubborn which plays a part of his flaw, but Shaw's stubbornness is not exactly a bad thing for it helps him with somethings. His flaw is something that has roots in his own past and the story comes out.

This is a story that really grips a reader from the very start with all that happens. Then it was hard to put the book down through all the emotional ups and downs of the story. I also have to say that the conflict of the story, besides being internal, is actually racing the clock. Misunderstandings at time threaten so much but there are hurdles that must be jumped time and time again it seems. There was no time to stop and wonder what was happening for things were happening pretty quickly it seemed.

This is a book worth reading so I hope all who pick it up takes time to enjoy it like I did.


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