Wednesday, September 16, 2015

“The Convenient Cowboy” by Lacy Williams

About the Book
Do You Take This Cowboy? 

A blizzard traps rancher Davy White in his family's secluded cabin with Rose Evans…and she's nine months pregnant! Help is miles away, and Davy must work to keep them both alive. As the storm rages outside, he comes to care for the vulnerable widow. Enough that he's willing to offer her his name—against his family's objections.

Rose will do anything for her baby, but she's recently widowed. She doesn't know if she can trust the feelings she has toward Davy. And she refuses to come between him and his family. But the more time they spend together, the less she can resist the comforting, caring cowboy.

Wyoming Legacy: United by family, destined for love


This book was released in June 2015
This is a well loved library book that was used for the review

My Review
“The Convenient Cowboy” by Lacy Williams is the latest book in her 'Wyoming Legacy' series but never fear this is a stand alone book.  This is Davy's story and man I love the White's with all that happens to them.

Here is a story of overcoming, though it might not be noticeable right off the bat, but that is what I think of the story anyway.  Overcoming the hurt of being left behind.  Overcoming the hurt from the past.  Overcoming the hurt of being alone.  And finally overcoming the hurt of the uncertainties of the present.  Each thing that is overcome is small by itself, but when they are all put together the way they are, it is just something that is really beautiful.

Davy is a man who is determined to have everything ready for his brothers return, regardless what his family thinks about his plans, though he wants their approval.  Then when he is faced with all those plans being changed on him, he can face those changes one of two ways, and it is how he acts that shows so much more about his character.  He feels deeply but he has this ability to cover those up, not exactly by hiding them but just not by showing them.  I know that sounds like an oxymoron but really understand Davy White one is just going to have to read this book.

Rose is a woman who has not had the easiest of lives up to this point.  When she is found she has been struggling to do what she had to do with what was around her.  Actually the more this reader got to know Rose the more I saw a deep strength that I don't even think she realized that she had.  She is determined to do everything she can to help out and pull her share, but not so stubborn that she can't see what is best for her and her child.

This is also a story of fighting to a better tomorrow.  It seems as if both Davy and Rose are fighting in completely different ways.  One is fighting for the tomorrow that has been planned while the other is fighting just for tomorrow.  With the way they are fighting at times it seems almost as if they are fighting together then there are times when they are fighting separately.  Now I don't mean that they are fighting with words against each other, but  they are taking all they can to fight inner and outer forces that are working against them.

This a wonderful story that I hope all who read it enjoy it greatly like I did.  

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