Tuesday, February 17, 2015

“Big Sky Homecoming” by Linda Ford

About the Book
big sky homecomingFalling for the enemy

Newly returned Duke Caldwell is the son of her family's enemy—and everyone knows a Caldwell can't be trusted. Yet when Duke is thrown from his horse, Rose Bell puts her misgivings aside to help care for the handsome rancher. And soon there's no denying that her childhood nemesis isn't the scoundrel she thinks he is. 

Duke keeps telling himself that his reasons for wanting to spend time with feisty Rose have to do only with ending their families' feud—and not with how captivating he finds her. But though Rose might be willing to mend fences with the enemy, could she ever believe Duke worthy of her love?  

Montana Marriages: Three sisters discover a legacy of love beneath the Western sky

This book was released in February 2015
This is a well loved library book that was used for review 

My Review

“Big Sky Homecoming” by Linda Ford is the third and final book of her 'Montana Marriages' and what an ending to the series that is for sure.

I have to say that the series story-line was not quite what I expected even when in the second book I thought it was something else, for it turned out to be something completely else.  With this series story-line it was full of twists and turns and ended up totally different. I have to say that I was a little disappointed with the way it ended for it seemed as if it ended way to easily. I kept waiting for something more to happen but nothing did. Somehow that just didn't mesh with everything up to that point so I guess I will just have to imagine something else happened even though it was thwarted, and maybe the bad character fully got what they deserved.

Duke is a young man who is trying to do his best to be his own man, but he is determined to do what is right regardless. This is a man who has to make choices and some of them are not easy. His faith is strong and that is what helps him with his choices. This young man is a man who is honorable, and holds others around him to that honor as well. He also is a man with a heart which is large enough to befriend people most at the time would discard, and never stopped trying to reach out his hand in friendship to those around him.

Rose is a young woman who has some issues with trust with some understandable reasons. Through it all though we see a woman who is protective of those she loves and cares for, her heart is big enough reach out to others even if she is weary of them, and strong enough to handle almost anything that comes her way. In a strange way she is a risk taker as well for she puts part of herself out there with no guarantee of the end results.

I thought the message here was quite different for I took away that things in the past are not always what they seem to be. It seems that sometimes grudges can be held for the silliest reasons or perceived reasons. It is a good reason to remember to always talk things through otherwise a lot of time can be wasted on things that were not the way they were. I enjoyed watching the truth come out as it did for walls came down and emotions developed. I would have that tearing down the walls of the past between Duke and Rose was enough conflict in this book that it didn't need anything else as for their conflict. Of course the series story-line conflict was still there as well.

There were moments of tenderness, laughter but not many tears in this book. Answers are also given to questions that have been asked throughout the series. I hope all who read this book enjoys it as much as I did.

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