Friday, February 20, 2015

"The Engagement Bargain" by Sherri Shackelford

 About the Book 

Make-believe betrothal  

Rock-solid and reliable, confirmed bachelor Caleb McCoy thought nothing could rattle him—until he discovers he needs to pose as Anna Bishop's intended groom. After saving her life, his honorable code bid Caleb watch over the innocent beauty. And a pretend engagement is the only way to protect her from further harm. 

Raised by a single mother and suffragist, Anna doesn't think much of marriage—and she certainly doesn't plan to try it herself. But playing Caleb's blushing bride-to-be makes her rethink her independent ways, because their make-believe romance is becoming far too real…  

Prairie Courtships: Romance on the range

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This book was released in February 2015
This is a well loved library book that was used for review

My Review

“The Engagement Bargain” by Sherri Shackelford is another wonderful book that is connected to her other three books. There are a lot of connections, yes I admit that, however this is a perfect stand alone book. I found this book to be humorous and eye opening too, not to mention a few moments of tension due to what is happening.

This story is interesting for it has its up and downs and there were even times when I couldn't help but laugh out loud. Other times my heart was in my throat or tears were gently falling. This is a story of coming into one's one destiny for one of the characters need to make their decision as to what their future holds and in what way will that future be shaped. Choices are having to be made by both characters and some of them are not easy and some are heartbreaking. 

Anna is a woman who believes firmly in the movement that she is part of and she is not sure if she is ready and willing to change. There are two parts to Anna, the part she is on the inside and the part she projects to everyone around her. Though there are two parts to her, they are not all that different really, it is just how she projects herself to the world and how she admits how she is on the inside. There are times when she is searching for something else too, while other times she knows exactly what she is feeling and her desires for the future. Her heart is for others without a doubt, there is no question about that for her thoughts are always on the people she is wanting to help.

Caleb is a man that we have seen in a few other of Ms. Shackelford's books, and is pretty quiet and likes keeping to himself. There really isn't any special reason that he likes to keep to himself other than the fact that is a bit of a loner, but throughout the story Caleb discovers a few things about himself. Caleb is the type of a man who acts first and thinks later, does what he needs to do regardless of whether he should or shouldn't, and unconditional loves. Caleb is a quiet man for sure but he is not one to stay silent when something needs to be said either.

The conflict of the story is not at all what I expected it to be. When all the pieces fell into place I have to say that my mouth dropped open for I never saw that coming at all. What a twist to the story that is for sure. Even thinking back through the story I really can't even think about where things would have pointed to the ending, yet it made sense at the same time. So there is an external conflict, but most of the conflict was internal with one of the characters. It is a struggle to watch this characters internal conflict but at the same time I was so proud as this character came to their decisions.

I have to say that I learned something interesting by just reading the author's note at the end. I love when I learn something historical whether it be through the actual story or in the author's note, for it is so important to continue learning something whenever possible for it helps keep the mind going.

I hope that all who read this book enjoy it as much as I did.