Thursday, February 19, 2015

"Daddy Wanted" by Renee Andrews

 About the Book 

Overnight Mom

Former wild child Savannah Bowers goes from being happily single to the guardian of three children after the sudden death of her best friend. Struggling with her new role, Savvy's not sure if Brodie Evans's offer to help is a welcome one. She has trouble forgiving her childhood friend's past mistakes, but she'll give him a chance for the sake of the kids. Which is why the attraction she begins to feel for him catches her off guard. And she can tell she's not the only one. If Brodie can prove he's changed his ways, he might just be  this instant family's perfect daddy.

This book was released in February 2015
This is a well loved library book that was used for review

My Review

“Daddy Wanted” by Renee Andrews goes along so nicely with her other books that are centered around Claremont, Alabama, yet this is a perfect stand alone book. There are characters from previous books but they don't play a role really in this book other than be there like anyone else would in a community. So if one hasn't read any of the other books by Renee Andrews that is perfectly okay for no one will get lost reading this story of discovery.

I say that this is a story of discovery more than anything, though forgiveness is a part of the story too, for it seems a lot of things are discovered through the story. There are lessons that not only Savvy and Brodie learn but a few other lessons are learned by a few other characters as well. Some of the lessons learned is how to move beyond the past, how to forgive and what is really important in life. I was just trapped within the pages of this story, that is not exactly new but there are some interesting twists. One of those twists I actually enjoyed a great deal for it took someone who normally has this clean, perfect image in books, and made them to be an average human with some darker sides too.

Savvy is an interesting name that is for sure but really I almost think it is the most appropriate name for the heroine of the story. This is a woman who is pretty savvy in what she is trying to do. She knows that she a little over her head but she continues forward to do the best that she can, and even allows a friend from the past help her out. She is willing to listen to just about anyone if it is going to help her in helping those she cares about. There are reasons she is the way she is, and we do learn the reason, but wonder how things are going to move forward when the truth is out there.

Brodie is a man who is changing and is trying the best that he can to prove it. There are times when it seems as if he is floundering but that doesn't stop him. He is determined to do the right thing while he is showing that he is changing he shows his heart and his flaws. There was just something about Brodie that really made him seem boyish (not in actions) yet a grown up, loveable and frustrating all at the same time.

Two wild children of the past now are working together for something better in the future. There is a bit of a shocker at the end, for I didn't see that coming and usually I can spot that a mile away it seems, and though now I can see where there are bread crumbs along the way, but some of those bread crumbs seemed to back track or take a different path, so it wasn't easy to see the path while reading the book. It is interesting to watch these two former friends, get past the hurt happened, to figure out how to be friends again and learn to become friends again.

I hope all who read this book enjoy as much as I did. There are so many messages that can be taken from the book, though I took away the different discovery's take the characters learned. I would have to say that this story is one that will touch each of its reader in a different way I am sure.

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